St. Maarten

Big Jet Landings & Takeoffs


This is the schedule for landing and take-off of large widebody aircraft ( "Big Jet") at Princess Juliana International Airport.  Since St. Maarten does not observe savings time, the time schedule changes at the beginning and end of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME in the USA.

HIGH SEASON is 12/15 - 3/8 during STANDARD time in the USA and 3/9 - 4/15 during DAYLIGHT savings time.  For convenience here, LOW SEASON continues thru the end of DAYLIGHT savings time in the fall.

For flight schedules, click on the applicable season of interest as listed below:

(4/16/2008 thru 11/1/2008)

(11/2/2008 thru 3/7/2009)

(3/8/2009 thru 10/31/2009)


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